What to expect in the course of treatment

Typically the treatment sessions are weekly, each session lasts about 55 minutes.
It is common to have 10-15 sessions, but it can vary depending on main issues and their severity. 
For example you might need less sessions if you are looking to learn new skills and techniques to manage the problem. But you will need more sessions if you are looking to find a deeper insight into historic and current emotional distress.

The first session of therapy is an assessment to enable us to develop joint understanding of the problem and the way it affect your day-to-day life. We will also try to agree your treatment goals. In consecutive sessions we will develop, follow up and adapt the treatment plan to your needs.

There is an expectation that you have to take an active part in treatment, for example in each session we would agree between session assignments. A review session takes place midway and at the end of treatment. We jointly assess progress and agree what further action, if any, may be needed.

How to prepare for the start of treatment?

The identification of clear goals is going to increase your chances of recovery.

Useful questions to ask yourself:
What would you be doing or thinking differently if you weren’t X? What would that look like to someone watching? What aspects of your life you want to reclaim?

Prioritising goals: Do you need to tackle any of the above goals to avoid crisis?
Which goals would make the most immediate improvements/ easiest and is most important for you?

Having a sense of your ‘values direction’ is important step towards increasing motivation.
Ask yourself: What is important for me? What I want my life to stand for? What sort of qualities you want to cultivate as person?